The Church at Severn Run

Our Staff

So, good news, an awesome new is on it’s way sometime this year! We don’t have any awesome staff photos yet, but we wanted to give you some names and fun facts instead.

Lead Pastor – Dr. Drew Shofner
Dr. Drew is what drives The Church at Severn Run to stay focused on Loving Well, Living Jesus, and Believing Big! His responsibilities include teaching us amazing truths about Scripture, and loving the people of Severn Run in big ways. He has a few amazing personal skills like bicycle riding, motorcycle driving, and avoiding vegetables. To set an appointment with Dr. Drew, contact Brenda Bailey.

Executive Pastor – John B. Smith
Pastor John is the nuts and bolts pastor at Severn Run. Every aspect of our organization runs as a well-oiled machine because of his great attention to detail and his impressive delegation skills. His responsibilities include being the go-to guy for the rest of the staff and keeping us all sane and happy. In his personal life, he enjoys gardening and eating really good food with his lovely wife and 3 kids. To set an appointment with Pastor John, contact Brenda Bailey.

Worship Pastor – Ben Kennedy
Pastor Ben is the talented musical leader who guides us through a worshipful experience each week. He oversees the Worship Tribe, our in-house band, along with our choir, and tech team. Pastor Ben likes to go fishing and do silly impressions of people for fun. He’s also got a rad arm tattoo that looks pretty sweet with his guitar. To set an appointment with Pastor Ben, contact Brenda Bailey.

Student Pastor – Chris Martin
Pastor Chris is a retired military man who loves the students in our community! His responsibilities include leading an all-star team of student leaders, teaching our youth amazing God-truths, and coming up with fun events for our students. Pastor Chris loves to share his snacks, as long as you don’t put your hand in the bag. He’s also a photography ninja, you never know when he’s going to start taking impressive photos! You can contact Pastor Chris here.

Kid Pastor – Steve Stolarek-Houston
Pastor Steve is what you might call a child whisperer. God has truly gifted him with the ability to connect with kids in amazing ways. It’s up to Pastor Steve to teach all of our kids from birth-5th grade about Jesus and the love Jesus has for them. When he’s not teaching kids about Jesus, Pastor Steve likes to pull pranks on Ms. Gwen and Mrs. Brenda. You might find Pastor Steve wearing a short sleeved shirt in 19° weather because he’s from Minnesota and the cold means nothing to him. You can contact Pastor Steve here.

Connect Group Interim - Amber Adams
Amber is an awesome girl who is full of energy and ready to get you connected to a group of friends here at Severn Run. It’s her responsibility to make sure that all of our Connect Groups are well cared for and that no Severn Runner is lonely. Amber always has the best hair and really enjoys Sour Punch Straws. You can contact Amber here.

Tech Director - Stephen Martin
Stephen is a multi-functional guy. He is responsible for making all those technical wires, lights, and frequencies in our worship center work well. Stephen really likes homemade Chex mix and sometimes tanning at the gym (who doesn’t?). You can contact Stephen here.

Ministry Director – Gwen Hubbard
Gwen is an amazing woman who has been at Severn Run for over 15 years. Over those years, her job title has changed a lot, but her relevancy has always been the same. Gwen leads all of our Special Interest Ministry Leaders, the VIP Team, and whatever else needs to be done around Severn Run. Gwen likes relaxing at the beach with a good book and how quiet the office feels when Pastor John is gone. You can contact Gwen here.

Missions Director – Keven Sard
Keven is brand new to our staff, but not the missions world. He is getting our all new missions ministry off the ground by connecting with churches in Baltimore who need a little more man/woman-power to get stuff done for Jesus. Keven like growing leaves in his hybrid car and going to his retirement home in South Carolina because the beach is awesome. You can contact Keven here.

Brand & Communications Director – Bonni Mace
Bonni might be our smallest staff member, but she gets stuff done. Her responsibilities include making sure that everything looks good, and leading the Severn Run Creative, Gear Shop, and Environmental Teams. Bonni really loves her dog and her husband and can be found basking in the sun when it’s warm outside, or buried in the computer when deadlines loom. You can contact Bonni here.

Executive Assistant – Brenda Bailey
If you need anything at Severn Run, chances are you need to get in touch with Brenda. Brenda is a great lady who keeps the wheels turning smoothly at Severn Run. Her responsibilities include juggling the pastors’ calendars, managing our office volunteers, and making sure that each staff member is organized in their ministries. Brenda loves Nascar and her fluffy pomeranian puppy. If you ever want to brighten her day, bring her a Starbucks tea! You can contact Brenda here.

Office Manager – Linda Meade
Linda is a Severn Run celebrity! Her parents founded the church we know and love and she has selflessly served here on staff for over 45 years! Linda is the reason that you have a weekly program in your hand each Sunday. She also keeps the Severn Run offices well stocked and always without need while welcoming guests who need financial assistance each week. Linda enjoys working with our pre-schoolers and vacationing with her sister and brother. You can contact Linda here.