The Church at Severn Run

Serving Ministries

Our Serving Desk is available every Sunday in the atrium where you can ask questions, sign up to be contacted by the ministry leader or sign up to serve at  special events. To join or obtain additional information about any Severn Run ministry, contact the ministry leader through the church office, 410-551-6654,

1st Responders

A ministry composed of volunteers who are certified and willing to provide CPR and First Aid to individuals who are experiencing medical emergencies.  Leader: Dianna Soltys

Administrative/Office Volunteers

From time to time the office needs volunteers to help in a variety of ways.  If you would like to serve as a volunteer in our offices, please contact the office.

Leader:  Linda Meade

Children’s Ministries

We have the incredible opportunity to be a resource and partner to parents as we help shape the faith of their children.  Every member of our Children’s Ministries Team has a love for Jesus and an understanding of the need to provide a loving and safe environment for children. There are numerous ways to serve, including teacher/leader, assistant teacher/leader, greeter, security/check/-in, organization and preparation, worship leader, audio/visual, and more. You can find additional information on this ministry by clicking here. If you are interested in becoming part of this leadership team, please contact our Children’s Pastor Steve Houston by email:

Christian Assistance Program, Inc. (CAP)

CAP is a multi-denominational Christian outreach program in which The Church at Severn Run participates with other local churches to distribute donated food and clothing to families in need.  Helpers in this ministry do the following tasks:

- Greet and give clients an information form to complete

- Stock donated food and clothing on shelves and in other designated places

- Prepare packages for clients

- Load items in clients’ cars, if assistance is required

- Straighten up the CAP office before and after hours of operation

Leader: Charlie Baldridge

Clutter Free Ministry

The Clutter Free Ministry helps people organize their space and life by eliminating clutter. Workers in this ministry are gifted in serving and organization.

Leader: Audrey Crawford

Companions of Hope

The Companions of Hope (COH) offer hope to anyone touched by cancer.  They are looking for helpers who have the gifts of mercy, intercession, compassion, or serving.  People who are good listeners and encouragers are valuable to this ministry.  COH  needs people who are able to transport cancer patients to treatment centers or provide meals to cancer patients and their families.

Leader:  Donna Thompson

Deaf Ministry

This ministry is trying to reach the Deaf community for Jesus Christ by serving as a cooperative network providing training, advocacy, worship, fellowship, missions awareness and involvement.  Workers in this ministry must know American or English Sign Language (ASL or ESL).  Training classes for learning and improving skills will be offered.

Leader: Janese Middleton


This ministry team uses flowers, plants and other decorations to beautify the building.  Live growing plants serve as a symbol for the growth that should be occurring in the lives of Christians.  Team members plan, purchase, arrange and maintain the plants and decorations in the auditorium, atrium and open areas inside the building at The Church at Severn Run.

Facility Support

This ministry has three teams that require a variety of skills:

- Computer/Network Support

- Grounds Keeping

- Landscaping

Leader: Brenda Bailey

God’s Heart

Humbly serving God and people in the community who have physical (food, clothing), mental (learning challenges) and spiritual (Pre-Christian) needs.  God’s Heart workers use a huge variety of skills:

- arts & crafts – painting faces, making balloon animals, leading crafts, painting murals, etc.

- collections – receiving, sorting, and distributing food, clothing, school supplies, and gifts

- transportation – delivering food, clothing, gifts, (muscles, dollies and pick-up trucks a plus)

- computer – My Severn Run (data base entry), MS Excel, MS Word

- writing – news articles, thank you letters, etc.

- leadership – planning, coordinating, team building, leading teams, reviewing activities.

People with any of these skills can serve in this ministry.

Leader: Gwen Hubbard

God’s Heart Thanksgiving & Christmas

This team collects and distributes food and Christmas gifts for families in need during the holiday season.

Leader Cathy Foster

Greeter Ministry

The Greeter Ministry supports church-wide services and events through a friendly team of folks who welcome members and guests to the Church at Severn Run.  They do this ministry by opening doors, shaking hands, smiling, offering friendly greetings, and escorting guests to various areas in the building.  Many greeters are needed for a facility the size of Severn Run.

Leaders: Tom Bell


The Hospitality Ministry is comprised of three teams: The Coffee Shop, Membership Matters, and Food Team.

Contact Gwen Hubbard if you are interested in helping with hospitality!

The Café at Severn Run

Members serve coffee, hot chocolate, tea, juice, and water from the coffee shop during church-wide activities and other requested events. Members maintain the product inventory and coffee shop area.

Leader: Kevin & Cheryl McLaurin

Food Team Ministry

The Food Team Ministry provides one meal for families during crisis such as critical illness and/or death in the immediate family. Food that is donated can be homemade or bought at the store. Teams of 8-10 members serve on a rotational basis.

Leader: Linda Meade

Membership Matters

This Team purchases and serves food for New Member receptions and Membership Matters. This is a one Sunday a month commitment for membership class and a quarterly commitment for the new member reception.

Contact Gwen Hubbard if you would like to help with Membership Matters!

Small Group Ministries

The Small Group Ministry exists to connect people to God through a deep investigative look at scripture and to grow through application of the study in our daily lives.  In order to be a small group leader you must be a follower of Jesus, love of people and attend small group leader training. To explore the possibilities of becoming a Journey or Small Group Leader contact Earl Gray.

Tent Makers Ministry

Military, civil servants, government contractors, businesswomen and men…    Does your work involve job related travel?  If so, you can use these travel opportunities to bring Jesus to a lost world.  The Apostle Paul was a vocational tent maker and God used him to bring Jesus to Asia and Europe.  You can use your job related travel for Kingdom purposes, without compromising the work your employer has sent you to accomplish. Interested in learning more?  Contact: or call 410-551-6654. 

Ordinance Team

This team prepares for, assists in, and performs clean up for baptisms and the Lord’s Supper (Communion).  Helpers perform the majority of their work on Sunday morning or whenever there is a baptism or Lord’s Supper. 

Contact: Gwen Hubbard for additional information.


This ministry helps people connect with Jesus and His followers.  Team members write emails and notes to guests, hand out welcome packages, and assist staff with phone calls and visits to individuals making spiritual decisions.  Members of the team have a passion for connecting people to the church, Small groups and ministries.

The Contact Team, which has three teams of its own: Email/Note writers, and Visitation Team.

Leader: Gwen Hubbard

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is vital to the life of the Church at Severn Run. It is our connection to the Father who is  our power source. Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Mark 11:17

There are many opportunities to be a part of this ministry:

Intercessory Prayer Chain – A prayer request is called into the prayer leader, and the leader calls the request into the different prayer groups.

Tuesday Morning Prayer – This group prays every Tuesday Morning at 7am at the Church at Severn Run campus.

Prayer Warriors – This group prays during the week for the prayer requests that are turned in on Sunday mornings from the worship services.

Worship Warriors – This group prays on Sunday morning during the 9:30 & 11:30AM worship specifically for the worship services.

Prayer Partners – People who pray with others during and after Sunday morning services

Leader: Gwen Hubbard

Prison Ministry

The prison ministry offers opportunities for meeting the spiritual needs of inmates through mentoring, Bible study, or Sunday church services.  The Church at Severn Run currently volunteers in the areas of weekly mentoring, weekly Bible study on Tuesday evenings, and Sunday religious services six times per year.  Additional volunteer opportunities such as sewing classes, reading and literacy assistance are also available.

Leaders: Nate Whitlaw

Quilting Group

This group learns and teaches others in a Christian environment how to quilt.  They build relationships and share what they know to advance God’s kingdom.  Anyone with a desire to make quilts is welcome to join this team.

Leader:  Deb Bischler

Recreation Ministry

Severn Run has sufficient field space for multiple types of outdoor sports.  The softball field was opened in 2008 and grading was completed on the Telegraph Road field area.  Now all that remains to be done is maintain the field and use it.  This is an emerging ministry and needs more leaders, teams, and field maintenance.

Contact Steve Stolarek-Houston if you are interested in our recreation ministry!

Softball Ministry A ministry designed to build relationships with the surrounding community through sports.

Leader: Terry Herrmann

Senior Adult Ministry (JOY) Leadership Team

Team members do the following:

- Planning and carrying out of Senior Adult activities

- Attending leadership planning meetings and retreats

- Attending the Senior Adult activities

- Supporting the vision of the Church at Severn Run

- Visiting and caring for other Senior Adults

- Connecting in a Small Group

Leader: Gwen Hubbard

Student Ministry

This ministry helps to connect students to the God of the Universe and to with other students in meaningful ways. Opportunities for service include: Small Group leaders, team leaders, praise team, media team, visitation team, and chaperones.

Leader: Contact the church office for more information.

Treasure Matters: Financial Stewardship

This ministry team leads and counsels people to handle money God’s way so that they can be free to serve Him. Potential volunteer opportunities include:

- Financial counselors (spend plans and debt reduction only), training supplied e.g. Crown

- Small group leaders for Crown small group study, training supplied e.g. Crown

Leaders: Barbara and Dave Fadeley

The Starting Line Team

A ministry designed to provide a friendly response to people visiting the Welcome Table seeking information and/or assistance.  Types of assistance provided are varied and include things like providing directions to the different areas in the building, providing Journey Group brochures, and responding to general questions about the church, services and activities offered at the Church at Severn Run.

Leader: Stacey White

Woman on Mission (WMU)

Our mission is to inspire and inform our congregation about international, national and local missions by doing, praying and giving. We accomplish this through several activities such as making goody boxes for college students; sending cards of encouragement to our service men and women;  women’s luncheons; a candlelight service at Christmas; an international dinner and study; supporting adult and youth mission trips through prayer and prayer reminders; and special guest speakers to educate us on mission opportunities.

Leader: Gwen Hubbard

Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry exists to facilitate encounters with God in which the people of God are radically changed and those God-changed lives draw the world into a personal encounter with God.

Vocal Worship Team: For singers who learn music quickly, can sing as a team, and who are very flexible. Vocal Worship teams rehearse Tuesdays at 6:30 pm on a rotating basis. (Interview/Audition required.)

Worship Band: For instrumentalists, who learn music quickly, can play as a team, and who are very flexible. The Worship Band rehearses Tuesdays at 6:30 pm on a rotating basis. (Interview/Audition required.)

Worship Support TeamAudio Team: Operates and maintains the sound, lighting and video equipment before, during, and after each service. Sound checks and practices are done before the first service.

Video Team: Projects visuals that include song and sermon texts as well as short videos that facilitate worship.

Lighting Team: Helps control the stage and Worship Center Lighting during services as well as setting lights during practice times and stage resets.

Leader: Ben Kennedy

Please contact us if you have any questions about our ministries or would like to know about other opportunities to serve our community that may not be listed here.