The Connected Life

What you need for where you are. Fueled by passion.

This month’s featured group: Widow’s Support Group

Life can be hard and lonely after losing a spouse but having friends who understand can make life a little sweeter. Join a space for women who have lost their husbands where you can laugh, grieve, and walk through this season of life together. If you’re interested in joining Mrs. Judy’s new group this fall, let us know!


What Is the Connected Life?

It's what you need for where you are. From making friends, to dealing with pain, or finding a space to unleash your passions. Connected Life is fueled by the passion and calling of Severn Runners.

The Connected Life has several types of opportunities to connect, suited for any place you might be in your spiritual or Severn Run journey: small groupsopen groupssupport groupsministries, and classes

Start Something New!

The Connected Life is just launching here in 2019, so we have space for leaders, aspiring leaders, and those who think that maybe God is calling you to try something new. We believe God has equipped each one of us to do a specific work that enhances His Kingdom (Ephesians 2:10), and yes, we believe that means you too! God speaks to all of us in different ways, but we know He speaks to all of us. So if you have been feeling a nudge or noticing a need, take a step of faith and start something this year.

Starting something through The Connected Life is simple: sign up, meet up, start up! First use this form to let us know your idea. Second, you'll meet up with your assigned staff contact to begin a simple training that equips you with all the resources you need to succeed here at Severn Run. Third, you'll start facilitating your call through the Connected Life! 

What Are Small Groups?

Life is Better Connected. In a larger community it can be hard to feel known and to know people. Small groups offer an environment for people to learn one another's stories, as well as facilitate spiritual growth. Small Groups are groups of 3-12 people that gather weekly and focus on sharing life together.

What Are Open Groups?

In an Open Group you can come and go as you please. Open Groups are a great way to jump in quickly, make friends, and get to know the Severn Run Community. These groups can vary in size and interest, and can be anything from a biker's group to a mom’s group. It is an easy way for Severn Runners to connect and get to know one another through a shared common interest.

What Are Support Groups?

Support Groups are tailored to specific challenges we may face in life. Whether your challenge was expected or unexpected, in or out of your control, a support group can help carry you through it with others who may be able to relate to your struggles. They are focused on supporting you, caring for you, and continuing the healing journey through life’s challenges.

What Are Ministries?

At Severn Run we have several ministries that offer a variety of the Connected Life opportunities to connect with others. Ministries are long-term and tend to focus around a particular topic, commonality, interest, or need. From Men's and Women's Ministries to Marriage and Military, a ministry helps facilitate Severn Runner callings in a diverse way. 

What Are Classes?

Classes can teach anything from gardening to understanding the historical context of Scripture. They can be a one-day event or a semester long course. Classes can vary in topic, skill, and intensity -  from How to Change your Oil to How to Raise Your Kid. Any Severn Runner who has a skill or resource they want to teach can lead a class, and any Severn Runner who wants to learn can join one!

Connected Life 2019 Semester Schedule

Winter Semester – January 20-March 10
Spring Semester – March 31-May 26
Summer Semester – June 23-August 18
Fall Semester – September 15-November 17

Learn More About The Connected Life Each Month!

The third Sunday of each month, we talk about a new opportunity in the Connected Life at each of our worship services. Be sure you're here to get the early scoop on what's coming!

Our Connect Groups are led by Amber Sanders. Learn more about her here.