Ministries at Severn Run

 You may have seen that our mission is to make as many disciples as possible by creatively revealing the love of the Father through the life of the Son in the power of the Spirit. We want to accomplish this mission person by person in the context of relationship.

The way we work towards this mission is by offering many ministries and opportunities for you to get involved in whatever way fits best! Below you can see the different ways you and your family can jump into life here at Severn Run.



Jesus believes that kids are really important. We see this reflected in His life in the Bible in Matthew 19 when He went out of His way to be with kids.

We believe that God has placed a unique reflection of Himself in every child we see. At Severn Run we are committed to noticing the wonderful qualities of each child and nurturing those qualities in their lives. Every child is a masterpiece, and we think God has amazing plans for them! It’s our honor to bring out God’s best in our youngest Severn Runners.

Our Kids at Severn Run ministry has a remodeled preschool area and a brand new curriculum created in-house by the staff and volunteers who know our kids best. We are regularly striving to improve our Kids experience in bold new ways to ensure that your kids are well-loved, noticed, and nurtured in every experience.


Middle and High School students of today are more digitally connected than ever before, but still often feeling lonely and isolated. At Severn Run, we are committed to offering students the opportunity to genuinely connect. We do this in Collide Student Ministry by embracing every student for who God has made them to be and empowering them to live up to their full potential!

Through weekly gathering opportunities and, of course, fun events, we aim to bring students together to help beat the cycle of loneliness in our area. We are currently making big changes to help Collide be easier than ever to join, and a place where every student can build a meaningful friendship with other students and mentors who will cheer them on in positive ways.

Whether your student wants to lead and grow or simply show-up and have fun, there is a place for them at every Collide event.




When you come to a service at Severn Run, there is a high chance that you will hear us say “Life is better connected!” In our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, staying connected with others can feel like just another thing on your overpacked calendar. At Severn Run, we are aiming to ensure that each second you invest into connecting with others is well worth your valuable time.

Our Connected Life ministry has a little something for everyone. Our Small Groups, Open Groups, Ministries, Classes, and Support Groups build in enough diversity for a person at any walk of life with any availability in their schedule to easily connect with others at whatever depth you would like. The Connected Life also provides a space for you to unleash your gifts and expertise for the sake of community.

Whatever you’re looking for in community today, our Connect Ministry is committed to helping you find it!

Wholistic Missions

We believe that people believed Jesus because they saw and heard Him and then felt His direct love for them through His actions. As Jesus' Church we get to be an extension of His ministry here on Earth, not just through words, but also through actions. Jesus took time to notice people and then offer them a practical solution to the struggles they were facing. All of this action pointed people into a loving, believing relationship with Him.

Wholistic Missions, also known as Integral Missions, is simply an active love for God translated into an active love for people. This love notices, empathizes, and acts on the behalf of others.

Our Wholistic Missions ministry expressions aim to offer tangible, practical solutions to the real problems our communities face. From providing supplies to the homeless, to housing women in recovery, to simply offering the gift of music to the elderly, wholistic missions offers a low-pressure invitation to experience the love of Jesus through the actions of those who follow Him.