Collide is a group of middle and high school students committed to living life together. We welcome all middle and high school students no matter what, and we hope when you come that you will feel accepted as soon as you walk through the door. 

Collide is a part of The Church at Severn Run in Severn. Our church is all about creatively revealing the love of our God, and that's what we love to do as well. In order to help us consider the idea of God and real life, we explore ideas of faith and real world questions. We focus on connecting with one another in order to build authentic relationships that help us to figure out where we stand spiritually. 

During a typical Collide event, we will listen or sing to worship music (no pressure to sing!), watch or participate in some crazy games, and then hear a compelling message that allows us to explain this whole faith + life thing in real depth.

All students are welcome to join our Collide activities. We hope as you walk through the doors of a Collide event, that you feel acceptance and love first. We strive to create a safe, and fun space where you can relax and get real. We know that we can all feel extra lonely and extra anxious from time to time, so at Collide we aim to leave loneliness and stress behind! Bring a friend and make some new ones because at Collide you never have to do life alone.

We look forward to getting to know you! 

Here’s how you can connect:

Collide Mid-Week
 Wednesdays from 7-9 PM
Where: Severn Run Campus Upstairs Auditorium

Weekend Connect Groups
 Weekends during each service

Click here to email our leader, Daniel, for more information or shoot him a text at 443-716-5830.

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