A Social Christian: How to keep social media balanced with Christian life

Have you ever posted something online that you know you shouldn’t have? Maybe it was a simple two-tone tweet, or a comment on a video that perfectly described the anger you felt towards it. Regardless of the platform, we all have that post we regret. At times, the internet can feel a bit overwhelming, especially on apps that showcase others’ lives. I've personally found myself feeling sad after going on social media for the simple reason that I watched someone’s travel video, or exciting adventure, and ultimately felt bad about my own boring life. Another issue with the internet is that many feel their impact is far smaller than it actually is (i.e. causing issues such as cyber bullying).

So how do we, as Jesus followers do this differently?

Don’t Lose Your Christian Identity

It may seem incredibly easy to just remember who you are online, but it’s harder than you think. You can  become an entirely different person when you turn on the screen, which is why it’s so important to not become anonymous. Things that you can do to help yourself to stay motivated is to keep your name, don’t lose yourself. Maybe even put a Bible quote in your bio, or list yourself as a Christian. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes to do this in your daily online life. It adds a sense of still being connected to your real life and your online feed.

Don’t Fear the Off Button

Did you know that the average American uses their phone 11 hours per day? If you were to do the math, that is just about half your day spent on a tiny digital box. You don’t need it, in all honesty. The further you fall into your social profiles, the more disconnect you will feel with yourself, and your identity. Set a time at least once a day where you turn off your phone. The messages, and the like, can wait. Maybe write down a Bible quote you like, or get into a devotional. Whatever it is, make it a goal to take a break at least once per day. Your mind will thank you.

Still Finding it Hard to Disconnect?

Don’t get discouraged! They say that anything can become an addiction if you become dependent on it. I know I have a cell phone addiction, and I know it will definitely be a challenge to reduce your time and adjust your online habits. It’s okay to work towards a goal; and you have time, just don’t let it fade into the background.

Remember that even if you're on the online world, you're still you at the end of the day. Don’t type something you would be afraid to say to someone’s face. That’s the best rule of thumb.

— Lillian Putnam

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