Anxiety and Loneliness: How to cope through God’s word

Have you ever felt yourself begin to listen to your thoughts too much? No matter how hard you try, you can’t get your mind off that bad test grade, or maybe that recent breakup. No matter the reason, those thoughts can quickly can turn into an extremely negative headspace. Sometimes we as humans naturally look at the negative before the positive, and that can lead to anxiety. Whenever we feel anxious, we can also turn to isolation which only furthers our irrational worries and makes things worse.

So how can we break the cycle?

It can be hard to pinpoint, but a great start is to begin with the Lord’s word, at least that’s a great start to lessening your overall anxiety. Here are some good tactics when it comes to curing anxiety through Jesus.

Step One: Focus your attention on Jesus first

This may seem very simple at an initial glances, all you have to do for this step is to focus right?

This isn’t as simple as it appears because it requires you to change your thinking entirely. You may be a Christian, but that doesn’t mean you too don’t struggle with relaxing and just thinking about the gospel. Try this small exercise to get yourself in the right mindset. Close your eyes, and breathe in slowly. When you do this, think about those worries that were bothering you. When you breathe out, say to yourself, “Jesus calms me.” It may seem silly, but it does work.

Repeat this enough times until you’ve completely focused on Jesus. Remember, it’s okay to be uncomfortable at first, because as humans we desperately don’t want to lose control, but it’s important to lift your concerns up to God because it will greatly calm your mood. Once you’ve done this we can move on to the next step

Step Two: Using the gospel

Whenever we feel anxious, it could be a great help just to sit down and listen to the word of God for a while. The Lord talks to us all the time through his words, and this is no exception.

Remember when you do this, it’s always a great step to find somewhere quiet to think. Then open up your bible app or physical book and just start reading! Books I suggest for helping calm stress would be James, Luke, and Psalms, however you can definitely pick whatever book you like. Remember the first step, and just keep yourself focused on what you’re reading and hearing. Analyze it. The goal here to take your mind off of your stress. In most cases you might just find God has already given an answer to your problem. Again, the key to this is to keep yourself focused on nothing but the Lord.

Step Three : Record and remember it!

Now for the final step.

For this all you really need is to take notes, on your phone or on paper. Once you’ve listened to the message, record what resonated with you most. Write it down. Absolutely anything you’d want to remember for later. This could be a certain word or phrase that just connected with you in some way, really anything works.

Continue to do this each time you listen to or read the word. Keep this book with you at all times. Whenever you feel yourself feeling like you’re on the brink or anxiety starts to get to you, look at your quote book. Reread those words of encouragement, it’ll lighten your mood and remind you he’s there for you always. It’s the most important message you’ll ever learn.

With that in mind, you’ll improve your stress level in no time!

— Lillian Putnam

Severn Run