I, The Pathway

Authors Note:

Hi! This is Lillian. Seeing as this is the holiday season, I kinda wanted to do something different and show you the creative writing side of this blog. This will be a new feature, where on occasion instead of a topic being discussed, it will be a short writing piece inspired by faith. This excerpt is specifically about control, and how in faith it can be hard to let go and let the Lord lead the way.

Two options stand in front of you one leading to hell, the other to heaven. Which is the safest of options? Your soul warns of the fury that shall be lashed upon you, it speaks of the glory of light heaven would bring. Those lights may flicker, ending that last hope of revival in bed. Every last breath aches, the steps leading to a white staircase. Which is most rewarding? The ability to have freedom, or happiness?

If you go down the first staircase, you will be met with the flames of darkness, charred souls and bodies screeching out for a savior. This will be agonizing, but you may do whatever you wish in this land.

The second staircase brings you upwards, to a light-shrouded grass plain. You are happy, joyful at the beautiful cathedrals and castles at your disposal, there are light cities all around you. You'll be overcome with such emotion for you will never suffer again, but you have many rules you must follow. If this is the only eternity you are given, I have but one suggestion.

Live with every moment right in front of you, do not be afraid of what you cannot see. For it is the gospel to choose the obeyed path. May a soul such as yours be graceful into its ascend, a perfect crystal orb of white energy. Choose thou lord as faithful God of your ruling, for hell is never truly free. Mortal man will never understand until the day of death, that mortals were never the center, but only the beginning of a long, twisted path.

His kingdoms know no bonds, Father of the sheep of dimensions. He Shepard's the universe with his cane of wisdom, his mind more powerful than any sun or any solar system. Seeing his kingdom, is the richest form of pleasure one can receive. Believe in what is beyond your knowledge, it is foolish to only look to your hands instead of looking through your faith.

You are a path, directed by free choice. Live as though you look to a Shepard, be guided by your freedom for in death you will be restricted. Let the Shepherd guide your path to salvation.

— Lillian Putnam

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