Praying in Public

Whenever I sit down at night to relinquish my stresses and struggles in prayer, there’s a part of me that always wonders, Should I pray more than this? I pray often, before every meal, in the morning, in the night. It is then that I realized something: I never pray in public. How crazy! I couldn’t recount one time that I had openly prayed before a lecture, or at the mall. Not at all. Why is that?, I pondered.

A recent study I discovered by pewforum found that the majority of those that pray daily, are usually older generations overall. Younger generations such as millennials and generation Z had a lower percentage point when it came to prayer frequency. What could this possibly mean when it comes to praying in public? Think about it, most younger generations spend their time in the most public place of all; a school building.

Schools are filled from corner to corner with people in your same age group. Whenever we feel like we want to pray in these public places, a lot of people first consider how many eyes are on them. It can be troubling to worry about whether or not a person will judge you if you were to pray. Worry not however, because there is a way to become more confident in prayer

Focus your attention on God! Even if you’re in public, you’d be surprised how quickly you can slip into a private state of mind when looking into the word. Sometimes we think that if we were to pray we would be ostracized, but the reality is that barely anyone notices. At least, not the people that should. The only thing you need to focus on when praying is God and God alone. Remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace your beliefs, even in a public setting. They are yours, after all

If you’re worried your friends will make fun of you, it’s possible you may need to look a little deeper into whether or not those friends are good for you. If they don’t allow you to truly be yourself in public and express that, then you have a problem.

Consider the following questions for this topic:

  1. How often to you pray in public?

  2. Do you ever worry about what others think when praying?

Prayer of the Month:

I submit my prayers to you, Oh God, on this beautiful day. Give me courage, strength and confidence to face the trials and temptations that may lay ahead.

— Lillian Putnam

Severn Run