Erin Allison's Story


Erin strives to leave a legacy of faith in her family, because that's how she came to know Jesus herself.

A Jesus story isn’t always about a transformation from horribly broken to saved. Sometimes it’s about a legacy of faith passed on from generation to generation. Mine is such a story.

I’m an optimist by nature, and while I’ve been through some hard things and dark times, they have been relatively few and far between. Most of the time, I shrug my shoulders and end my Jesus story with, “I don’t know. I’m just blessed.”

I was raised in church. My mom was the spiritual leader of my childhood. Both sets of grandparents were Christ followers. My mother’s parents and my father’s parents were 2 of about 10 couples (families) that founded Oak Ridge Baptist Church where I was brought up. I came to acknowledge my need for Jesus in Vacation Bible School when I was about 8. I was discipled by our children’s pastor and baptized shortly thereafter.

Even as I made some bad decisions in my adolescence and early teenage years, I was telling Jesus all about it—begging His protection, asking His forgiveness, and promising to do better. I kept growing and learning.

I know God has had His hand on my life. He has been faithful and true. Valleys have come in the form of military deployments, troubling medical diagnoses for my children, the loss of cherished family members, marital disagreements, financial woes, etc. However, I have never felt abandoned. He has healed my hurts through His Word, other people, and by resolving situations. He has always provided exactly what I need when I need it.

My husband and I have been entrusted with the legacy of faith that my family passed on to me.

We actively instill lessons of faith in our children. We involve them in serving as much as possible and show them the importance of being connected to a body of believers.

My story isn’t necessarily the story of depravity and redemption, or some huge conversion experience. My story shows the beauty of a godly legacy left by family members that came before me and about God’s abundant grace for a girl who doesn’t always make the right choices but seeks to walk with Him.